License renewal

Assign™ SBT software is provided free-of-charge to customers using SBT Resolver™ typing kits. At the end of each licence period you will receive a new license key(s) from Olerup via email. 

Installation instruction for renewal key(s):

Save the new key in the same folder as the system.xml file (standard location of the system.xml file is C:\ProgramData\Conexio Genomics\Assign SBT v4.7). Assign will continue to read the old license key until this expires i.e. the message “WARNING! License has X days remaining” will still be displayed in the Operator Log in screen. Then the software will switch over to read the new license key automatically once the old key expires.

For further questions on licence renewals, please contact your local distributor.

Contact at Olerup GmbH:

Joumana El Jaafari
Tel: +43 1 710 15 00 27

Contact at Olerup Inc:

Marilyn Wetmore
Tel: +1 (610) 392-4001