Olerup is the distributor of transplant diagnostics and supportive software. We focus on product lines of high quality and innovation and many of our products have pioneered the field of donor selection and antibody detection.

Olerup SSP®

olerup-ssp.jpgOlerup SSP HLA Typing Kits are qualitative in vitro diagnostic kits for the DNA typing of HLA Class I and HLA Class II alleles.

Olerup QTYPE®

qtype-packshot.jpgOlerup QTYPE enables speed and precision in HLA typing at a low to intermediate resolution for samples that require a fast turnaround time.



Olerup Gamma Type is a PCR based SSP kit containing a panel of sequence primers characterising 25 SNPs in the Gamma genomic block of the central MHC. The assay provides additional MHC matching information between stem cell donors and patients.


TruSight HLA v2 Sequencing Panel provides ultra-high–resolution HLA typing in a single assay. A simple DNA-to-report workflow including Assign TruSight HLA analysis software.

Olerup XM-ONE®


The Olerup XM-ONE is a cross match test for the detection of anti-endothelial cell antibodies binding to isolated donor endothelial precursor cells.

Olerup SBT™

sbt-resolver-packshot.jpgThe Olerup SBT product line includes a wide variety of typing kits for high resolution HLA sequencing typing. Developed and designed for analysis with Assign™ SBT.