Assign™ SBT v471 contains all the familiar features of Assign™ SBT 4.7 and now enables not only the analysis of Locus Specific Amplification and HARPS but analysis of data from Group Specific Amplification too.

Assign™ SBT v471 also includes improvements to the display and Auto Save. For more information regarding significant updates, please download the Assign™ SBT v471 Update Document.

Assign™ SBT v471 is fully compatible with Olerup SBT Resolver™ HLA SBT kits and HARPS or can be used standalone.


Notice to Assign Users: 3.27.0 January 2017 Reference Update

Only genomic Class 1 reference files will be provided as of the 3.27.0 January IMGT/HLA update.

Please note that CareDx Pty Ltd will no longer be updating the cDNA component of the reference files for Class 1 as of the 3.27.0 January 2017 IMGT/HLA release and only the genomic references will be updated. 

CareDx Pty Ltd will provide the cDNA component of the reference files for Class 2 with the 3.27.0 January 2017 IMGT/HLA release. 

Customers who only use cDNA references for Class 1 are advised to contact their distributor immediately to assist in the transition to genomic analysis.