Olerup is the distributor of transplant diagnostics and supportive software. We focus on product lines of high quality and innovation and many of our products have pioneered the field of donor selection and antibody detection.

Our HLA portfolio consists of two product lines, one for SSP and one for SBT typing. Both these products and their innovators set new standards for genomic typing when introduced to the tissue typing laboratories around the world and have since their introduction, played an important role in bone marrow and SCT transplantation as well as in solid organ transplantation.

SSP Genomic HLA TypingOlerupSSP-company_logo.PNG

Olerup SSP® was introduced in 1992 and has since then become a wellknown brand. The products, produced in Stockholm, Sweden, are recognized as having the highest quality and robustness and are used in laboratories across all continents.

Sequencing Based TypingOlerupSBT-comany_logo.PNG

SBT Resolver was introduced to the tissue typers of the world in 2011, but the company producing the product line is no newcomer to its audience. Conexio Genomics was the first company to provide HLA-DRB1 SBT kits to laboratories more then 10 years ago and has also been saluted for the supportive software, Assign, which is the most commonly used software for HLA SBT analysis. The SBT Resolver products are designed, developed and manufactured by Conexio Genomics in Perth, Australia.

Antibody DetectionAntibodyDetection_company_logo.jpg

XM-ONE, a cell based crossmatch for HLA and non-HLA antibody detection, was introduced to the global community in 2009. The product has been shown to identify kidney transplant recipients at risk of developing antibodies against the donors endothelial cells leading to post-transplant complications. The product is the only of its kind and is produced in Stockholm, Sweden by AbSorber.



Warranty terms for US-Based Customers

Our warranty terms for our US-based customers are below:


Olerup guarantees that the Products, when delivered to the customer, will: (i) be free of defects in workmanship and materials, if package remains in undamaged condition; (ii) comply with their accompanying Certificate of Analysis and Declaration of Conformity; (iii) have a shelf life of minimum six (6) months from the manufacturing date (excluding sales of our XM-ONE product, which has no shelf life warranty), (iv) have been manufactured, stored and shipped in accordance with all relevant laws, rules and regulations in effect at the time of manufacture and (v) conform to the quantity and contents listed on the Product label.

Olerup’s sole and exclusive liability under the Warranty shall be limited to replacing the Products concerned (at its sole expense) or, at its option, refunding the price paid by the distributor.

Warranty Period

The earlier of: (i) the shelf life of the product and (ii) two (2) years, after the date of manufacture of the Products.