Olerup - Global distribution to HLA laboratories

Olerup provides the world with innovative products and services for bone marrow and organ transplantation, such as HLA typing and antibody detection products.

Our history of more than 22 years experience delivering products to the transplant community, either through our direct sales organisations or through our network of highly experienced distributors, has set a benchmark in its' business.

We ensure our customers receive high class products, delivered on time and supported by a Technical Support division providing expert help when needed.

In total, Olerup truly is your Partner in Transplant Solutions.

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Olerup SSP Genomic HLA Typing products continue to set the standard for SSP typing after more than 20 years.




Assign™SBTand SBT Resolver™, brought to you through collaboration between Olerup and Conexio Genomics.



Antibody Detection

Antibody Detection is more than HLA. Olerup provides XM-ONE® for HLA and non-HLA crossmatching using donor endotelial precursor cells.


Highlighted meeting


Please follow us on our way towards the 29th EFI Meeting.

EFI Meeting

Date: April 26-29, 2015
Location: Geneva, Switzerland